Made in USA

Made in USA

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Spray Colors:

Many have asked this question about the colors fading out of my sprays. If you leave your bottle laying out in the sun then the color will fade out. Just like anything else you leave in the sun it will fade the color out. This has no effect on the blends in my product's. I added coloring to my products to give them a nice look plus it helps to tell what blend is what when buying! Its just a color agent that has nothing to do with the formula in my products that attracts fish. Don't worry if your bottle loses its color as you still have the same smell & taste that will land you more fish!


We only carry one product that is water based that comes in Garlic. All other products are oil based.

Water Base Garlic: This blend is made for slow presentation where you want all the scent to disburse on contact.

Oil Base Garlic: This blend is made for faster presentation where you want to leave a trail of scent behind.

Crawfish: This blend is made for any type of bait that your using to imitating a crawfish.

Shad: This blend is made for any type of bait that your using imitating a bait fish.

Base Difference:

As many have read from the master degree guys that studied the scent world on bass saying water base scent works better as it will disburse into the water faster then oil base will. This is very true if you fish soft plastics. Water base will in fact disburse faster into the water for this type of fishing. I call this type of fishing slow presentation. Water base products is what you want when fishing slow presentation because you want all the scent to disburse on that spot you just pitched your worm to. Let the worm sit then a couple taps from your rod with no bite and your reeling back in to go again. Now if your fishing spinnerbaits, crankbaits or any other type of fast retrieve then this is called fast presentation so you want a scent that will stay on your hard bait longer. This is where oil base products work better as the scent will stay on your bait longer not disbursing all off on your first retrieve. This allows you to make three or four cast into one spot leaving a scent trail behind for a bass to pick up on that scent to come looking for this bait.  Both of my products have been proven to work in catching fish! I offer both Water base and Oil base to fishing anglers to cover both types of retrieves to satisfy both types of anglers. Confidence is the key to success when fishing! I have caught many bass using the oil base product when fishing slow presentation as well so don't think you have to use water base just because your a worm angler like I am. I  leave it up to each angler to chose the scent they believe in when it comes to water base verse oil base scents. In my products I feel taste is the key to make them hold on longer for a better hook-set. We all know once a bass has a bait in its mouth they can determine in a split second if that bait is real or fake. My product has been proven to make any bait taste like live pray so the bass will not spit it out. In fact once they taste my product they swallow the bait very fast by thinking its live bait. I hope this will help folks understand better on the difference between water base products over oil base products. Good luck and tight lines to everyone!

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