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Here you will read what anglers from all over the world have to say about my Hawg Sauce Brew.

Caught this 6 pound 4 oz Largemouth on a 1/4 oz Terminator swim Jig with a 5 inch Yamamoto Hula grubb trailer soaked in CB'S Hawg Sauce. Had a fun day and been catching a ton of Largemouth with this set up.
The sauce works awesome!


Hi Crossbow here are some more fish pictures of the day I had. I kept dipping and casting and I lost count at 25 bass many nice bass largest over 5lbs and another over 4 . my best 5 fish totaled 18 lbs 3oz. . I have been fishing for 50 yrs now and tried many scents abut yours is the best. I wont fish without it , I really feel it gives me a edge in catching fish. I may locate them but the scent makes them find the bait. I'm sure of it. To many time's I have seen this happen to me. Keep making your magic potion.

Big Thanks
Keith LaCombe

Making this modification to the Gene Larew HooDaddy adds more action to the bait. After making the cuts to the bait, I smother it with CB Hawg Sauce.


I don't need luck when I'm using the Hawg Sauce... The bass do!



Here's some more pics of my wife catch 4 lbs 12 oz bass . Her third time out with me this year. She caught at a different lake and with the same lure and plenty of hawg sauce if you look careful at the back of my boat there's a Plano dipping station .This is her private stock . She had big fish today . It was fun watching her catch it she played it perfect . I really feel your Hawg Sauce gives my wife and me a extra edge when we fish .

Big Thanks
Keith LaCombe


Hi Crossbow Here are the pictures ,This is the day my wife finally used the Hawg Sauce .She didn't want to use it on her lures at first. I finally talked her into it and rigged her up with a swimming jig and a generous dip in hawg sauce , she started fishing after about 15 min of fishing she caught this pretty fish weigh in almost 5 lbs. she has been converted ever since that day . Now she wants Hawg sauce for Christmas . She Loves to pick on me when she gets ahead of me in fish count . It 's really fun fishing with her, She caught a lot of 2 1/2 and 3 lb fish through the year . I really believe the Hawg Sauce is the best on the market. It's a tool in fishing . I wont leave the dock without it!

Big Thanks
Keith LaCombe


Hey Crossbow,

Here's a nice 5lb Harris Hawg I pick up using CB's Hawg Sauce in crawfish scent last weekend!! Keep up the great work and we'll keep catchin''em!!



Harris Lake 22 LB Sack Win.

Hey Crossbow,  Wanted to let you know we caught this 22 pound bag of fish on Harris Lake, including a 10.6 and a 7.4 pound bass, using plastics treated with CB's Hawg Sauce Sweet and Sassy Crawfish gel and spray.
Thanks for making an excellent product CB!

John Barry AKA: Chester 9.4 lbs
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I've tried a variety of fishing scent and attractants and I have to say they really improved my fishing this year I started using CB's Hawg Sauce and the results were incredible. My favorite bait to use it on is Pumpkin Seed Baby Brush Hogs. After soaking in the scent the fish here really like it. One of the first differences I noticed was that when a fish bites a Hawg Sauce flavored lure they fight harder to keep it... Chester

Dan Richards AKA: BassDan 8.8 lbs
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I'm a born-and-bred Hoosier, and I've been living in North Carolina nine years now. I just fished for fun back home growing up, usually with bobbers and worms. We mostly caught brim, with the occasional small bass thrown in. I got bit by the bass-fishing bug shortly after moving to North Carolina and seeing how big the largemouth are here, and how popular the sport is in this area of the country. I was hooked the first time I rented a Jon-boat and switched from worms and bobbers to baitcasters and lures. So I gave up golf and haven't looked back since. If I'm not out on the water, I'm reading about fishing, watching it on TV, or thinking about it...you could say "obsessed", but I prefer "dedicated".

I was first introduced to Hawg Sauce in the spring of 2004 when Crossbow first gave me a bottle on one of our early-season outings. He showed me how it works on lizards, and I won Big Fish of the Month twice that spring. When summer rolled around I started dipping my favorite worm... and that's when I knew I had discovered something special.

I am always looking to improve in my fishing, whether it be equipment, technique, knowledge, or whatever might give me that "extra edge"... especially on tough days. I started noticing fish would still bite that Hawg-Sauced worm- even on the toughest days. I also saw how they would hold on to it just a little longer, which meant more hook-ups, even if they felt pressure from the line. THAT was the edge I was looking for! In the last year-and-a-half I have used it on senkos, 10-inch worms, plastic craws...pretty much any plastic I throw...and it flat out works. The fish don't lie, they just eat it up... Dan

Bettie 5.0 lbs
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I've been fishing for a while now and my partner and I have used most of the major fish attractants. I never really enjoyed fishing because there wasn't enough catching to keep things interesting. Well, that's all changed since we discovered CB's Hawg Sauce. No more boring fishing trips. Fewer missed strikes. When a Bass gets a taste of Hawg Sauce they bite it and hang on. CB's Hawg Sauce sure put the fun back into fishing for me... Bettie

Junior 8.0 lbs

Since Crossbow sold me a bottle of his hawg sauce I have been putting a lot more fish in my boat. This is a picture of my 8.0 lb bass caught during a club tournament at Harris Lake that won me the tournament and big fish pot. She also won me big fish pot for the end of the year as well. I feel using the hawg sauce was the key to landing this hawg because I was fishing a spot I knew a big bass was hanging out. I was having very little luck with it being a tough bite kind of day. I reached into my tackle bag to get a fresh worm when I seen my jug of hawg sauce laying there and thought about the hawg sauce not being on my baits. I picked up my jug of hawg sauce and soaked my bait real good then casted right back into the area I had already fished hard when this monster hit like a freight train. This is living proof to me that the hawg sauce works! From that day on I make sure my bottle of hawg sauce is the first thing taken out of my tackle bag to remind me to put it on every bait I use. Sorry Crossbow I beat you in the tournament using your product but I thank you for hooking me up with your great product... Junior

Daniel Harris

I was fishing in the Everglades out of Holiday Park. It was on Father's Day so me and my Dad decided to have some time together. We caught all these fish within an hour time period on blue and black chatter baits sprayed with CB's hawg sauce oil base spray. CB's really made my dad's Father's Day... Daniel Harris

My son is holding this 7.2 lb Hawg for me.

It was brutally windy and a little chilly both days, which made it very tough to really work the lakes very well, but we did manage to have a good time and catch quite a few fish. A Chompers Hula Grub was my best bait of the day rigged on a PJ's Lures Bass Extractor Jig Head and sprayed with CB's Hawg Sauce. I caught my second largest PB, 7 lbs 2 oz...  Jack

6.8 lb Large Mouth 2nd PB Bass!

Hey Crossbow, I wanted you to see my second personal best in less then two weeks! Using the Hawg Sauce on a Grub caught this 6.8 LB Large Mouth which might be the biggest fish caught in this high mountain lake of Northern California. Air temp at the time I put the boat in the water was 25 degree's and the water in the mid 40's. I have to keep the sauce in a warm spot for fear of it freezing but so far it has not froze and is working great.
Thanks!  Dave Zoller, Fall River Mills CA

In Memory of Stripmine,
R.I.P my friend.

I was working on a trick to make senko's last longer when wacky rigged. while I was doing it I also dipped each end of the senko in Crossbow's sauce and gave it a couple of streaks down it's length. I had managed to catch 14 fish between 8 and 13 inches long, got hung in low limbs 3 times and had to yank it loose from the bottom once, all on the same worm. so I was very pleased. then yesterday morning with the same worm on the line I took out at sunrise and as I drifted up to a place on a outside turn where a huge cottonwood tree hung low out over the water i flipped the worm way up under the tree and got it almost to the water line. the water has been a bit murky lately but I could see the ends of the worm wobbling because of the sauce I had put on it and I watched as it slowly sank. suddenly it disappeared and i got this huge but slow kinda strike and about 12 or 14 feet out in front of me , the biggest bass i have ever saw emerged out into the sunlight he wasn't acting all frantic he just turned his side to me and yanked his head sideways and the drag on my reel sang one sharp loud time , then he did it again. I knew he was heading toward open water so I thought if I loosen the drag a bit more I would let him pull my little boat around till he was tired and i might have a chance to boat this monster. but when he jerked that head a third time my ten pound line snapped like a cotton tread. he had to be a double digit bass and that was the same area I caught my biggest bass last Feb.. 8lbs. 8 oz. so I got his address now . but I bet I retie both rods when I get to the boat this morning lol. oh well that's how u learn. Stripmine1

LR's New PB 9.0 lbs

What a lake! Dodge County PFA--low 90s, almost no clouds, bright sunshine, windy, 5-7 mph-off-and-on, water clarity maybe 3'? I'm back in the stumps in 14-16' of water where I caught the 7/12(Wed.) and the 5 even yesterday. Got there at about 11 AM and caught her at about 11:45 AM---in the heat of the day.

I told my wife last night that I thought I'd head back to the swamp pond today since it's so much closer to home and I hadn't been there since last Sun. Changed my mind this morning and am I glad I did. As Matt and others have said, "go where there are big Bass or you won't have a chance at catching big Bass",---or words to that effect.

I was throwing Matt's BB and kept getting hung-up as I was yesterday and in fact, had to break off another BB. I tied a new one on,  I dipped the last half of the BB in CB's Hawg Sauce and went to casting again.

I was reeling it back in at a steady pace when I felt a hit. She grabbed it at with just about 12' of line still out and we started havin' fun. She took me around my little boat and did two head-shakes out of the water as two young guys watched from maybe 30 yards away in their Bass boat. I couldn't tell where she was hooked but I didn't want her to get away and was lucky enough to get her next to the boat where I lipped her.  Dan


Cloudy all day but no top water bite, in fact no bite period. After 3 hours without anything to show for it we hit a back water area that had some clear water with some isolated laydowns so I started fishing one of my 1/2oz crawdad colored jigs and got two hits right away but they weren't holding on. So with nothing to lose I pulled out the Hawg Sauce that I won from crossbows trivia game and gave it a few squirts and pitched it back to where I had the hits and WHAM! A nice largemouth broke the surface and a few violent head shakes later she came unbuttoned and gone as quick as she hit. So another squirt of the sauce and another pitch and another good strike, this time the fight went deep as the fish was actually taking drag from my baitcaster. Another minute and the fish leaps out of the water at least 3 feet in the air! That's when I realized it was a nice smallie, but this one didn't get off. It was my first fish to the boat and the first time the sun came out all day and after 3 more small ones it began to rain and my day was over but I know I'll never leave home without the Hawg Sauce after today!

Carolina Fisher

Hey Crossbow I am a believer! First trip out with the Hawg Sauce , caught in 17 feet of water off the end of a tree on a Carolina rigged watermelon-seed lizard. 23" 4lbs 6 ounces largemouth . Lake Chatuge Hayesville NC. Carolina Fisher.

Ezcue with a 9.9 lb bass
Below are some of the other fish I have caught using the sauce.

5.4 lbs.

6.8 lbs

6.11 lbs.

Since I got my Hawg Sauce I have failed to mention my success with it. A lot of it had to do with the tournament.
Well fellas, all I can tell you is the stuff flat works. It has been responsible for at least 20 fish for me in the past 4 weeks with the best 5 being 9lbs 9ozs, 6 lbs 11ozs, 6 lbs 8ozs, 5 lbs 4ozs. 5 lbs 2ozs. I have been using it on the claws of all my PacaCraws and on all my jig trailers. I can honestly say it is a difference maker. Fishing side by side with my partner, he has no sauce, I am sauced and he hasn't caught a fish over 5 lbs the entire month. It stinks, it is a funky luminous color and the fish flat out eat it up. Ezcue

Arlice with a 5.2 lb bass.

Once I started using the hawg sauce I have been putting a lot more fish in my boat. This is just one of what I have landed over the last couple months using the sauce. Thanks Crossbow for hooking me up with your famous hawg sauce... Arlice

As you guys may or may not know, I have been "schooling" some of the local kids on how to catch fish during the hot summer months. To some of them a bluegill is a big fish, to others a Bass is the item to be looking for. I have been giving out all kinds of fishing gear from bobbers and hooks to plastic baits and sinkers. One of the most important items is CB's sauce.

Kids are natural born skeptics, and these city kids are no exception, as I passed the bottle around some of them would not use it or others would take out a pre-seasoned packaged bait. At the worst, CB's sauce tied some of the pre-seasoned baits, Then passed them over the long haul (about a hour). At the best, some of the bigger kids had bluegills attacking 8 inch ribbon tailed worms, taking some of the tail with them. I even had a group of youngsters use up all their bait and use a #8 hook and a piece of tee shirt dipped in sauce to catch monster bluegills in a sheltered cove! (both drop shot and jerk bait style)

Keeping in mind that this is a lake in the middle of Santa Rosa, a large northern California city which has been twice written up for monster bass. This lake gets plenty of fishing pressure and has many tourneys during these months and by many assorted skill levels of anglers. I do my teaching at the boat launch dock and the shore across from the small bay it is in. For CB's sauce to perform as well as it does under these limiting conditions, I think it's just amazing.

I have been posting on other sites about the progress of "my kids" on a regular basis and believe me, they are sold on it too. I started using it last year, The rangers at the park know me as the "one legged guy on the dock" ( foot operation) They have sent at least 7 people to me, people who ask them "are they biting" I have so far caught over 10 bass in the 4-6 lb category and many smaller ones all on artificials. The rangers have seen me and so have other park visitors, All from the dock (during boat loading and unloading, Dog stick fetching, and running kids), All in late morning and mid day, all on the "sauce". This is my best year in a long time.

As you can see in the above picture I use all of the hawg sauce products on all types of lures. I just wanted to thank Crossbow for making such a very, very good sauce. I have used others and most brand named attractants, they are all sitting at home now. The only one I take with me is the "Hawg Sauce".  .......Mac


Light rain and drizzle in the forecast,.. so I went fishing this morning! Water temp here is dropping already from mid 80's a few weeks ago to 73 today! Got 9 bass total in 5 hours most came on a PJ's jig with Joe's trailers and doused with CB's Hawg Sauce! The two best were 5.5lbs and 6.25lbs!!  Just4fun

I won my club TX today and had big fish to boot. Big fish weighed 3.4 lbs usually not a big deal but there were only 7 fish caught in the whole tournament and I had three of them. Horrible day of fishing for me and everyone else on the lake but the Hawg Sauce saved the day to win this tournament.  Andrew Magee

Roy wins with 9.3 lbs

We took 2nd place today on Jordan with 9.3lbs. I got 5, but only the 4lber and 3lber would weigh. My boater got the 2.3lber off to the side in the picture. I caught them all on a spinnerbait with the tail dipped in Hawg Sauce...
Roy Reter

6.10 lbs 23" long, 15" Garth

Guys and gals, y'all gotta get ya some of this sauce. At first, I thought all these guys were off their rocker when they talked of this magical sauce that put pigs in the boat. "Yea, yea" I'd say to myself after hearing someone rave on and on how their trip was saved by this potent called CB's Hawg Sauce. Well, I had to try some just to see if all this hype and this sauce was the real deal. Sure enough, I dipped a few of each of my better producing worm colors- about an inch or so of the tail. I found at first that I wasn't gettin bit anymore; I was getting annihilated! These fish were smoking the baits like you wouldn't believe. I also noticed right off the bat that the fish did seem to fight a bit harder on worms dipped in the Hawg Sauce; almost like they didn't wanna give up this tasty meal that they'd just partaken in. Now, I can't wait to get some more sauce. I'm a believer now that I've seen and experienced the miracle that is CB's Hawg Sauce! ..... Robbie Szczypinski aka rednckfishr

6.5 lbs

4.5 lbs

Stripmine is back in action.

Hey guys it's me again after a while offline for the winter but I am up and running again. got on the water with a great trip to the Peabody wma. I got to spend 3 days on the the stripmines and camp with the dog, it was great . caught several legal keepers but the best two came on the first evening. A 22" and a 19" that were fun the pull to the boat. Then today I went out to moms and got on the home waters on a gray rainy day. I had a blast as the dinks were just plain jumping' I thought the rain was not gonna let me do anything so I sat down at the house drinking coffee and talking for a good part of the morning but finally i just said "the heck with this, I came out to fish" and headed up to the cove and took out. it was a bit cool when the breeze picked up and the drizzle came and went , and for it I caught what I would call one of the best three fish ever for me. 22.5" 6.5 lbs. it was a great fight, bout' made my heart stop when the darn thing got up in some downed trees but i managed to get it out into open water and let it tug till it got tired. Then topped the day off with a fine 20" 4.5 lbs it really was a fun day and It's great to be back!


Used the Hawg Sauce for the first time a few weeks ago, it made a BIG difference in the amount of hits especially since here in Pennsylvania the bass are real slow 'cause of the cold water. I used the spray on 5" stick baits and it certainly helped. I did a quick experiment using the same setup on two rods, only difference was the sauce on one bait. The bait with the Hawg Sauce got more hits and caught more fish! .... Esquired


I owe this fish to Crossbow since I doubt I would have caught it without hawg sauce. I was walking a path around the lake and making pitches through breaks in the trees when I saw this fish swimming along the bank towards me only about 3 feet from the bank. I made a couple of pitches and the fish acted like my jig wasn't even there. It eventually stopped swimming only about 4 feet from my feet. I kept making pitches (why it didn't spook is beyond me) and still it ignored me. I carefully gave my jig a squirt of hawg sauce and on the next pitch the fish hammered it. It didn't just suck it up, it literally got above it and used its tail to drive itself into the bait. It turned out to be 21.25" and a little over 5lbs... Bassmaster

I received my sauce and dye in time for the last tournament and regional qualifier. On a day that was 90-95 hot sun fish were not as active. I used the dye on 10 inch worm and landed two 3lbers and sprayed some sauce on jig and boom 2lbers throughout the day. We ended up weighing in 10.59 lbs enough for 6 place out of 35 boats. We caught fish from sunlight till weigh in rarely a break in the day and I contribute this success to CB hawg sauce, Thanks CB for the service and it made my partner a believer so expect more orders here in KY. This also put us in the 10 and qualified us for the regional which consist of KY, Tenn., and Arkansas... Bassinky

We shot out around lunch for some fishing at Hidden Lake,
Great weather and we all had fun working the shoreline poking in and out of openings along the shore. We decided to have a little test while fishing, cb's sauce on wife and kids and me no sauce. Mrs. M landed the first fish right off the bat with a CB'd Senko. A dink LM but it was the first fish. Didn't take much longer before the call for a fish comes echoing down the shoreline. Again Mrs. M has another now nice 10" LM, two down and I still have nothing a little down the shoreline I finally manage a bite and missed the hookset and she yells again with yet another fish, I can't believe it. This LM was a decent keeper for sure, great job Mrs. M. Before we were finished dealing with Mrs. M's fish, our youngest nails another LM keeper with her Sauced up Senko from the same area. She was excited about catching a fish , it gave her quite the fight.
In the end, I get nothing, Mrs. M gets 3 LM, MT gets one LM and Guppy caught a farting frog, that was kinda funny in its own way.

Moral of the story,
CB's Sauce sure worked for them and I got skunked, course I wasn't using any.
Was fun anyway, glad we went... Matt Stone

I am to a little skeptic of scents for baits, but I have to relate this story. Two months ago we were fishing in our club tourney and got on a soft plastic bite. The fish were on the bank next to wood. I was fishing a tube and my partner was fishing a craw. We were both gettin bit, but I was putting more fish in the boat. I would feel that tap we all love when fishing plastic and then my line would move off. I would just stop working the lure when I felt the tap and wait for them to start running off with it. My partner would get the tap, but they would not run with it. I believe this was because I was using the sauce and he wasn't. He still caught some fish by setting the hook on the tap, but he missed a lot as well. I on the other hand only missed a few. I think it was because they would pick it up and hold on to the bait because of the sauce. I could be wrong, but I put more fish in the boat than my partner. Go figure. My .02... Keith

I have been using Crossbow's Hawg Sauce for over a year and it heavily contributed to my success of the BFL 2004 Season in the BFL Division. When nothing else would catch a keeper in a tournament that I needed one for points, I caught the only keeper of that tournament with a lizard tail dipped in Crossbow's Hawg Sauce. In the Super Tournament of 2004, I missed the cut by 1 ounce, but would not have caught a fish without Crossbow's Hawg Sauce treated creature baits. This tournament put me in 14th place for the year and a trip to the Wheeler Lake Regional. Thanks Crossbow and keep making the sauce.. Ricky

Hi, my name is Brad and I am 13. I was lucky enough to get a sample of CB's Hawg Sauce last week. I decided to go out on the water to try it out. Am I glad I did, I threw an alluring baits bush bug and caught 7 bass that day out on the water. I have had problems with other scents leaking, or the containers break, but not with this scent. I have had so much luck with it the past two weeks. It's like a confidence bait to me. I even spray it on my crankbaits, just for the satisfaction of knowing it's on there. I plan on getting this product and I look forward to trying the catfish scent too. Thanks for a great product! ... Brad


I am compelled to tell you about my tourney this weekend. As you know, you gave me a tube of your hawg sauce gel to test. I was already a big believer in your original hawg sauce formula, but I have to admit, this gel is a good as it gets. My dad and I were fishing a tourney this past weekend and still looking for our first solid hookup at 8:00 am. We had been throwing cranks and soft plastics and getting plenty of nibbles, but nothing would stick. I remembered that I had your hawg sauce and told my dad to try some on his soft plastic while I kept throwing a crank. On his first cast, bam! Second cast, bam! Third cast, bam! I'm not joking and I'm also being serious when I say it didn't take me a forth cast to start tossing soft plastics. Still, I didn't start using the Hawg Sauce, but started throwing soft plastics and got plenty of bites, but no hookups. I finally got that tube away from my dad and put a dab on my lure and those nibbles turned into bass inhaling the lure and put in the boat. We ended up with a solid limit and in the money when we were concerned about getting a keeper in the boat. The bass were very finicky that day, but your Hawg Sauce Gel absolutely turned them on. I have no doubt that we would have struggled to catch five fish that day, much less 25+ with a solid bag to turn in a the weigh-in that morning, without your gel.

Needless to say, you have made a big believer and supporter in me and, as you might have guessed, the tube of Hawg Sauce stayed with my Dad after the tourney. You have at least 2 new happy customers and my order for more is soon to follow.

Rick Smotherman
(214) 213-9384

I tried an experiment this weekend with the Hawg Sauce, I was dragging tubes over humps, a pattern that has been working for me the past few weeks. I used CB's Garlic stank while my partner just used the bait plain. We had identical set up's, same bait and weight. I caught three fish before he went to the stuff, then he caught a few, proof in the pudding I say! The fish were not stacked out there, but every time we went back I got some kind of activity, but they were not big enough for a check. Funny that I would experiment during a tournament, but I have faith in this area and knew we would get a limit out of it, they just were not pigs this week.

Mastodon Sporting Goods

Angie is off for 4 days so we decided to do some cat fishing in the evenings and some after dark.
Went to the store and bought 10 pieces of rather "rough smelling" shrimp (my favorite catfish bait) and got a deal on it too.
Got to the lake after dark, got all set up and Angie began to catch catfish...she had 3 nice ones to my zero. I honestly have more fun watching her catch fish than I do catching them myself.
I started to throw a buzz bait for bass, but I guess the sound of the reel on the cast appeals to the local bat population After 3 really to close for comfort swoops, I decided to just sit down and relax and kitty fish.
Reeled in my line and "no bait" , bobber never even moved. Then I remembered CB's sauce right there in my tackle box and dipped my piece a shrimp right down in there. I made a joke about "shrimp scampi" and threw it on out there.
I'll tell ya it didn't set there 3 minutes and my bobber was headed south....big time. I set the hook and the drag began to sing...pole bent double, I looked at Angie and said, " hey, they love shrimp scampi"
After a 5 or 6 minute battle I landed that brute, guestimated 6 - 8 pounds...sorry, we didn't think to take the camera but we are going every evening we can and will be sure to take pictures from now on.
We were fishing and this idiot almost ran right over our bobbers...he had the whole lake to himself, but just had to screw up our fishing and the bite shut down completely after that.
Just wanted to tell you guys that ALL of CB's sauces will work on ALL the fishes...no doubt in my mind...can't wait to get back out there tonight.

Terry Clark
T Clarks Custom Lures.

Took the canoe out at 7am Sunday to a small local lake and boated 22 fish in 3 1/2 hours. Would've stayed longer, but promised the family I would be home early, but still had a great time out. The wind was around 10-15mph and picking up, and overcast with threat of rain due to the front that was moving in my area. Crossbow sent me some lizard sauce with two pre-dipped lizards that I wanted to test out. I started with a lipped crank to find fish and then immediately threw the "sauced" lizard. I ended up fishing four different spots; 4 fish on a crank, 18 on two lizards. Those lizards are completely destroyed. I caught five or six on the fall in two of the deeper areas. Real soft pick-ups when that happened. Not sure if they were "reaction" hits or not because they were soft. The rest were off the bottom in about 3-5ft of water and were hard hits. Tap-Tap Bang! I love that feeling. Had a three cast-three catch stretch at the end of the outing, and I regrettingly admit I missed four fish. One I blame to bad boating. Had the paddle in one hand and pole in the other with a line in the water which I know better, but it still happens periodically. The other three I think I reeled down too much and then as I tried to set the hook I believe the bait had already left the fish's mouth. Too much tug before I set the hook I think. Lessoned learned on that one. Biggest fish was about 5#, 4#, had a couple 2 1/2#ers, but most were 14+/- ounces. And yes the big fish was on a lizard. One of the falling strikes. I had the lizard T-rigged with a non-pegged 1/8oz bullet weight using a 2/0 Owner hook, 8lb low-vis green Original Stern. Anyway, had great success with first time out using Crossbow's sauce.... Stephen

Back in the last of July, I was out on my home lake here in Western New York, Chautauqua Lake, and hitting my docks liker I always do. I like to wait until the sun is up as I know the bass will head for the docks to see shade and cooler temperatures. The baitfish loves to hide here. After 2 hours of not getting a single bite I started to ask myself, where are these bass today? Like a neon light went off in my head, I remembered the Hawg Sauce that Crossbow sent me during the winter months. I dug into my secret compartment of my Soft sided Tackle box and there it was. Now, realize this, I love Tiki Sticks like no other person on this planet. They have this ingredient they use called Molopo. With the Molopo and the salt, BASS LUVZ THESE. I have caught more bass with Tiki Sticks than any other single lure. Ok, back to Crossbows Hawg Sauce and my story. I dipped the Tiki Stick into the Hawg Sauce and first cast I caught a nice 3 lber. Kool, I thought. I'll try another one. Dipped another Tiki Stick in the Hawg Sauce and BAM another bass, a little bigger this time. Now I'm excited. That day, I caught 6 nice bass, the smallest was 3 lbs. So far this year, every time I go out, I use my Tiki Sticks Watermelon/Red dipped in Crossbows Sauce and I catch at least 6 bass, not counting the ones I missed or lost. This week, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005, I caught 7 bass in 70 minutes, lost 2 others. All using my Tiki Sticks dipped in Crossbows Hawg Sauce. Does it work?? For me it does, and IT WILL for anyone who uses it. One word expresses it. DYNOMITE!!!!! ...Ramie

I spent that Friday and Saturday "rock'n & roll'n" on Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay. This world class fishery is located near Ashland WI. The water was whipped into three foot rollers by Southwest winds... and the fishing was a bit on the SLOW side... but still GREAT! These fish hit best in the morning. I had my best luck on live sucker minnows but they also hit cranks and plastics.

Above was my biggest, which was about 6 lbs and 21 3/4"... and came from a Catch-N/Bear Paws Mega Do which was drifted over rocks. This was a blast! I used CB's Hawg Sauce on the plastics... it was working... I am hooked!
No camera man on this trip... I was on my on.


Hi my name is Scott, I am from Cary, Nc. I love your product! I will be using it this year for the first time at the Bassmaster open series in which I am am fishing all three opens as a co-angler. I will also be using it in the elite series at Smith Mountain Lake in Va. Above are some fish caught on plastic worms or lizards using your sauce. Even the big crappie. Go figure! ..... Scott

Hello my name is Leland Stiff. I spoke with you @ the boat show about using your product. The 2 of the 5 were the biggest caught on Sat17th 2006.These fish that I caught came on greenpumpkin 3/8 oz. jig spiced up with your CBs Hawg Sauce (Garlic). The most amazing thing about these 2 fish was that the 7-1/2 pounder(right)bit not ounce, not twice, but three times before I actually sunk #1 aught hook in his jaw. The second fish bit the jig as I was swimming it back to the boat. So if that's not saying your products are not extremely strong scented I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to use your product. And with the opportunity I will be using it in the future. THANK YOU!!.... Leland Stiff

I purchased some of your sauce for this summer to try and see if it is better than the lure I use now. Well when I was getting ready to go ice fishing the other day I thought why not give it a try and see how good it is.

I started using on my jigs and was catching fish and it seemed like I was doing better than a lot of guys that were fishing around me but wanting more proof I used it on one jig and nothing on the other but I thought that may with it all over my hands I contaminated the other jig. The next day started out with clean hands and new jigs and the results was notably different the fish would come up and look at the jig and turn and go away this went on for about an hour of fishing until I put the sauce to the jig dropped it down in the same spot and the change happened they returned for a look and stayed a little longer until they would hit the jig and I started to catch fish all kinds of fish from crappies, bluegills, catfish and largemouth bass. I repeated the same thing the next three days of fishing catching more fish then I have without using the "Sauce" I have recommended it to other fishing buddies on the forum that I belong too.

I am sold on it!

Walker "Max" Loveland, Sr.



My son and myself went fishing today on Guntersville. Here are a couple of pics from our day on the lake. We caught several fish, but these were the 2 largest. We were both using the sweet & sassy garlic gel. My son's fish weighed around 3.5 lbs and mine was 8 lbs. Thanks for making a quality product.




Was pre fishing today for a tourny and caught two of the biggest fish of my life to date. I had a jig with a case chunk pumpkin trailer doused with CB Hawg Sauce. These fish came on back to back cast in about 12 feet of water with the water temp reading about 52..Thank you goes out to CB and Case I will always have your products on board the boat..Here are some pics....The first one measured 21 and some change and the second one filled up the golden rule...My battery was dead on my scale that sucked but at least I had the camera....



Well let me start off by saying that I am so darn excited that I can hardly contain myself.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day and I went to pick up the kiddies from school. My daughter and I made a secret pact that we were gonna go fishing after school today just Maddie and me. We went to this small pond that we found, we took 2 poles and one of the poles that we had decided that it was going to be difficult and not work so I returned that pole to the car and that left us with 1 pole which happened to be the one with the reel that I broke that is not working too well. We trotted up the side of this pond and picked a spot that had a bunch of submerged logs. We put on a Craw in black and SMOTHERED it in Cb's Hawg Sauce. Maddie started off with the first cast. She casted a few more times and we decided we were going to pray to the "Fish Gods" that they would allow us to catch one. All of the sudden BAM! My baby girl's got one. Her mama is so proud. We thanked the fish gods and casted again. This time we casted over the same set of logs about 3 to 4 feet off shore and squatted down so that the fish did not see us. This was my daughters idea. (she is so smart) Suddenly we felt a tug. I let go of the pole and told her to start reeling. She was having a very difficult time and gave the pole back to me and I thought that she was maybe hung up on something. This was real difficult reeling I thought maybe I was having such trouble because this is the reel that I broke. Suddenly all I saw was a BIG MOUTH hit the top of the water. Let me tell you this was an exciting moment. I quickly got it to shore and said to my daughter you have to hold this reel so that I can get this fish out of the water. DON'T LET GO OF THE ROD I was yelling at this point. Finally got it up and man was my heart pounding. I could not convince my daughter to hold this fish so that I could take a pic. She said just throw it back in and we will tell daddy about it. I said NO WAY! I tried to take a pic of this fish and could not get it all in the pic, so my daughter said let me take the pic and she did. This turned out to be the best darn day of my life. It was the day that my daughter and I would share something so special that we would remember forever just the two of us. I hope that we made you proud matstone.


Cold fronts mean slow and picky fish. That's exactly what I had with this trip to the Susquehanna River out of Duncannon, PA. Highs of 36 with snow through most of the day (in April!) with high and muddy waters. Fish would pick up tubes and immediately drop it. We were fishing current breaks with 2.5 inch tubes and 1/8th ounce jigheads. Bites were few and far between, and very hard to detect. After an hour of cold and frustration, I pulled out my CB's Hawg Sauce spray to give it a whirl. I figured it couldn't hurt!

Immediately after dousing my tube in spray and hitting the current break behind a large fallen down tree, a smallmouth HAMMERED my tube. My boat ended up catching and releasing 21 smallmouth in the next few hours, the SMALLEST being about 2 pounds. The 4 other boats we launched with ended up with 17 fish total on the day. I attribute our success to CB's Hawg Sauce and I won't be caught fishing without it. This product simply puts more fish in the boat. Under incredibly tough conditions, it is a great product to have on board...


Hawg Sauce and JB Custom Rods came through again!! We won Saturday with 13.9lbs on Kerr Lake. We also had big fish for 5.01lbs. We started off the day throwing spinners and rattletraps (sprayed the spinnerbait down with the Hawg Sauce crawfish scent). Then the wind just quit and the lake got like glass. We could see storms around us, but we barely got a drizzle on us. We then commenced to put a woopen on those little green fish with senkos and t-rigged lizards around all the flooded brush (all sprayed with the Sauce). I caught the big fish in about 8 inches of water on a senko. She must have had her nose in the mud. When that bite died, we went back to the same points where we threw the spinnerbaits and traps in the morning and covered them with crankbaits and we picked up some nice fish that way as well. All in all we caught over 20 fish. We were culling by 8am in morning (blasted off at 6), was an awesome day to be on the lake. We finished until 2pm, and all though the afternoon bite got a little slow, we still caught fish all day - just most of the fish in the last 2 hours wouldn't help us any...

Thanks again to CB's Hawg Sauce and JB Custom Rods - I couldn't have done it without either of them...



I am a Custom Hand Pour Bait maker and I am also a 30 veteran Bass angler. I have tried every know bait scent on the market and some will work a little but until now I had little success with them. Since I make ultra soft baits normally the fish will hold on to them. This year I was having a problem with getting hooked up. The bites were there but getting the hooks set was another story. I had been hearing rumors about a guy in North Carolina that was making a bait scent that was getting some really good reviews so I contacted him and ordered a few bottles of it. Still be a little skeptical I didn't use the stuff for about a month. Waiting that month not only the hook up were gone but the bites were also getting fewer. I decided that I would try the Hawg Sauce. Well, the bite has continued to be a little slow but my bite to hook up ratio improved considerably with this new scent. The little bumps you feel on a worm bite turned into big thumps and line swimming off. Hook-sets care far more readily and if you didn't hit the fish quick when you feel tap-tap it was gut hooked. I am a convinced bass bait maker-angler that has finally found a true bass bait scent that works and these pictures are proof of what kind of fish seek out and destroy your baits with this scent on it. These fish were caught on a day most would have considered a very tough day on the water along with about 20 other fish which included 11 more keeper size fish on a 15 inch size limit lake. If you don't try this product you are missing out on a very decisive advantage over other anglers and the bass.

D. Richards
Hometown Hand Poured Baits


Cb its me again Mrs. Matstone and I just thought I would share with you a picture of the most recent fish that I have caught, photographed and released here in Pa. Once again using your Hawg Sauce. I managed to get a few fish that day but this was the biggest one and my biggest fish ever. Thanks so much for creating such a great product that makes it possible for me to catch fish like this. If there is one thing I have learned it's that I can ALWAYS rely on Cb's Hawg Sauce to help me catch some fish and lets face it I am just a simple country girl so I need all the help I can get.


Last weekend fished sunday on a local lake called Lotus Lake. Hit an underwater rocky point I've pulled many bass off through the summer. I was getting little ticks from what felt like sunnies. So I went to a crappie tube on a jighead soaked in Hawg Sauce............. 17.5" walleye just mugged it....TASTY!! Went to a 4 " worm on a jighead and got 7 more bass. I took home that day 1 walleye, 5 bass, and 17 sunnies....................I let at least that much go too. My partner Jeff got the biggin of the day with a 3lber lmb on a Hawg Sauce soaked pl. worm.

This sunday went back to the same spot.... windy windy windy....... Took 10 lmb off the point, HS soaked worm. Biggest went 3.5lb. Got a few crappies also. Got tired of fightin the wind so got off the lake early.

We got that nice CB's Hawg Sauce decal on the boat!

Thanks Buddie!!

Mark T. Farley aka MTF

Here she is: 5lb, 8 oz on the Berkley scale. Good bass for Iowa!

Hi folks! My Wife Chris and I hit one of my favorite lakes today. Fishing was slow. We caught a few dinks, then I caught this one!

The fish were suspended in treetops, 12 to 15 ft or so down, in trees standing in 25 ft of water. The only bites we had were when we were using CB's sauce. The bite was real soft, they were just picking the baits up. I caught this on a Brushy Craw Tube. This is one of the new soft plastic baits we will be selling under the "Indian Creek Lure" label in the future. We have been testing this bait and some of our other new soft plastics the last month. We think they are really great baits! This 2tone red craw tube has been excellent! With CB's Sauce, it is hard to beat!

For those of you who are not certain weather to try the sauce or not, trust me, it is the best few bucks you can spend!

I can even admit that I know how long the scent stays on the bait! ( I got to quit biting the plastic worms off, to rethread! That sweet crayfish does not really taste so good!)


Man what an awesome year I'm having!!! The biggest Largemouth Bass before this year was only 3.5lbs.

On the 20th of March this year:

I caught this 6.23 lb'er
Then on then on the 27th of March:

I caught this 8.3 lb'er
Then two days after that, on the 29th:

I caught this 10.53 lb'er
August 30th:

I caught this 10.2 lb'er


Well a certain someone, I won't mention his name because I don't know if he wants to stay anonymous*, sent me two tubes of CB's Hawg Sauce, no it wasn't CB. I immediately noticed a difference. I started catching more fish. Well today at 3:00 pm I said to myself what the heck, I'm going fishing. I headed out directly to my favorite pond, and let me tell you it was hotter than hell, but there was a nice breeze making a beautiful ripple on the water. So I tied on my favorite white and chartreuse "Wal-Mart Special" spinnerbait and started to fan cast off of a point that drops off to about 15-20ft off both sides letting the spinnerbait fall to bottom and "slow rolling" it back in. When all of a sudden my spinnerbait stopped dead in it's tracks. No slam, no bump, no tap, it just stopped and I thought I was stuck on a branch or weeds. So I gently gave it a tap upward to try and free it. That's when it happened. Two huge jerks that bent my Falcon Coastal XG way over. So I reeled the little slack that was in my line and set the hook sideways with much force. The whatever it was started taking drag immediately. It pulled like a mule, and with 12 lb P-line Evo. I didn't want to thumb the spool and take the chance of breaking the line. Then it came straight out of the water........ BUCKET MOUTH!!!! My heart started racing. I fought it for what seemed like forever. Then my patience paid off. There I stood on the bank holding another "Bass of a lifetime"

Now I don't know if CB's Sweet and Sassy Garlic gel had anything to do with it, but what are the chances of someone catching a 10.02lb'er in the scorching heat at 3:30 pm? I'd say slim. CB I've had a great year, and you my friend, have a great sauce....... It made me a believer.

SSG Kerry Touchet.

7.13 lbs

6.13 lbs

6.1 lbs

5.9 lbs

March 13,2007-----best 5 fish stringer of my life-------water was 54'/61' degrees and muddy /dirty----lake was still 2ft. low from winter draw down---my fishing partner Aaron "flotin-worm" Fulmer and I launched about daylight, and I told him since the water was dirty that we should throw spinnerbaits or crankbaits to wake em' up!! When I sprayed the skirt, with CB Hawg Sauce, he sorta snickered, under his breath and tied on a crankbait. Well the first fish that I put in the boat was 5lb. 7oz. and then a good 2 lb'er------he had never caught a fish on a spinnerbait, nor did he have one in his tacklebox. I pitched him a Terminator SB, and the bottle of sauce and he tied it on (didn't spray) and started fishing. About lunch, we had only 2 more 2lb.'ers so we stopped for a can of vienas& crackers. Started back fishing and I remembered that I hadn't put no sauce on in awhile so I sprayed the spinnerbait skirt& trailer real good and tossed it across the front of a dock and "BAM" 5lb. 14oz.----as soon as I got her off, I pitched back under the same dock about three post toward the bank and "BAM" 6lb. 12oz.-------partner is still shaking his head????(he got the bottle of Hawg Sauce and sprayed his bait)--- I got a 3lb. 13 oz. and a 2lb. 9oz. to make the 24lb. 7oz. catch-------partner caught ""only one fish"" (1lb. 11oz.) from the back of the boat and I ended up catching 9 total, and lost two more good fish------what a day on the lake-----best 5 the next morning went 14 lbs, only got to fish half day solo (battery problems )-----went back Thursday 3/15/07 and had 5 @ 22lbs. 8oz.-----same pattern (points and docks) with a spinnerbait (sprayed with Hawg Sauce)------caught 14 total with the top 5------7.13 --3.13--3.7--3.1--4.6----------------what a week of fishing!!!!!!- I've been putting the oil base Hawg Sauce on everything I throw now, and had two club tourney wins and two second place finishes this year out of eight tournaments---not bad for an old man---------Monk Beal

PS-------my fishing partner Aaron "Flotin-Worm" Fulmer, fished a small local lake ,Lake Rabon, Thursday 3/15/07, and called to tell me that he had caught a 9 lber about 11am , well about 1;30 the phone rings again and I tell him about the 22 lbs. I've caught on Greenwood and he says,""""I just put one in the boat(14ft. jon-boat with a 9.9 Mercury) that hit the scales at just over "10 lbs"????He had called his wife to bring a camera down to the dock, and get pics """"WOW""""---------he said he probably had over thirty pounds(5 fish)---all caught on that "Terminator spinnerbait" and that bottle of " CB's Hawg Sauce> that I gave him Tuesday
Thanks Crossbow and good fishing to Ya'

Monk Beal

October 14, 2007-
This is my first full year of bass fishing and I'm addicted to it! I owe a lot of thanks to CB's Hawg Sauce for getting me hooked into this awesome sport. Even though I'm fishing from shore and don't have high quantity days, the sauce has produced some QUALITY fish. His sauce, applied to both a spinnerbait and buzzbait, made today my best day of fishing yet. Mostly sunny skies with temperatures around 60F and a slight wind meant the spinnerbait bite might be on. I knew the bass should be in shallow waters looking for baitfish to eat, so I didn't waste time making deep casts, but instead focused on casting parallel to the shore. After about 5 casts with a spinnerbait that had been doused in Sweet & Sassy Garlic Hawg Sauce, I had myself a nice 5lber. The bite died down after that and soon clouds filled the sky. The was sun getting ready to set as it was around 5pm so I figured the white spinnerbait wouldn't be as effective as it had been at first. I switched over to a black buzzbait and rubbed the sauce all over it. A few cast later and an unexpected explosion on my bait sends me into a high heated battle with a big fish. I land this fat hawg and she weighs in at nearly 8 lbs. A day like this can't be forgotten, but as if to put a frame around the memory, another huge explosion a couple casts later gets me a 7lber. Bass this size are rare for the North, especially here in Massachusetts. Every angler has their own thoughts on what lure to use at certain times of the year, but they all agree that CB's Hawg Sauce is the best scent to use no matter the weather. Thank you CB for creating such a great product that's working ALL OVER the country!

-Mark Kozazcki (Kozak0085)

6.9 lbs

Here is another catch that was made using your sauce I use it on everything for all kinds of fish from freshwater to saltwater and it sure does the job! Great product the proof is in the pudding or this case pics. 6.9 lbs. 24inch, 18inch.

Walker "Max" Loveland, Sr.

For many years I have been a scent fanatic. I have spent many countless days on the water field testing and evaluating my results using different scents and compounds such as water & oil base/gel compounds. I have found that CB's Hawg Sauce has the correct scent in the appropriate compound for any fishing condition and pattern I encounter on any body of water. As a professional guide I do not have the luxury to pick the weather conditions and avoid the heavy fishing pressure lockjaw symptoms that a fishery can experience at times, but I have confidence that my CB's Hawg Sauce will give my clients & myself an extra sharp edge to hook BUBBA!! My personal favorite is Garlic, but I keep my jar of Bass Honey gel close by at all times. "You have to be on CB's Hawg Sauce to HOOK the BIG One!!!"

Capt Karl.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you again. We have finally gotten some adequate experience with your Hawg Sauce, enough to know how and when to use it. To be honest, the guys on our team who have truly used it religiously, including myself, can't seem to put it down. I have noticed that I am getting more bites than ever. The best thing is that these bites are different than those I used to get; now they bite, grab on, and don't let go until they realize what I am throwing doesn't feel real anymore. Basically, it is something that I think is underrated in many fisherman's game plans but it significantly helps get bites.

During a pre-fishing period before one of the tournaments this year, we had located a group of fish and wanted to go back and check on them the day before the tournament without the tips of our hooks and see if we could get bit. We indeed got bit and I was surprised to see how long the fish would run with a shakey head and some Hawg Sauce before they put it down.

Scott Wiley
President, Bass Fishing Team at Virginia Tech

While pre-fishing Chautauqua Lake in New York for an upcoming tourney I landed this 5.5 on a Picasso X Strong Power Head, a 2.75" Picasso Tube all Covered in CB's Garlic Oil Base Hawg Sauce... Using this set up and the Hawg Sauce our 5 best would weigh in at 20 pounds... Would of weighed 18 pounds the previous day and caught over 40 bass 3 plus in 2 days using the Sauce.....

Bob Pyle

Justin's dad 4.8 lb & 3.5 lb

Justin brother 4.9 lbs

Went out on Sunday to lake Champlain, thought the bass were gonna be on the bed, but the colder temps and recent rain seemed to have them else where, we put the gel crawfish flavor HAWG SAUCE on our tubes. The bass responded hammering this tube in the lake Champlain wind. very tough day to be out but the fishing was great. we landed 3 bass over 4 pounds including a 4.8, 4.9. also caught a nice 3.5 smallie.

Justin Brouillard

In Memory of Mrs. M's Nanny:

First off I would like to say I am sorry for not being around so much lately. I have missed reading all of your reports and hope your doing well. I have not been fishing at all lately because my grandmother passed away last week. She was an awesome lady who I look up to and admire so much. She always knew what the most important things in life were, friends, family and cherished each moment that she had with them. She really made it look easy and I will miss her a lot.

Fishing for me has always been a relaxing experience, a time for reflection, a place to be alone with my thoughts so to speak. So naturally when my husband said to me yesterday we were going fishing for a little bit I was a little apprehensive to be alone with my thoughts knowing where they would lead me but as I watched the sun setting across the lake I realized that never again would I be alone out there for my nan would always be with me. Cheering me on. Yesterday's fishing trip was a short one but it was time well spent as usual. Every fish that I caught which happened to be only 2 was for my nan. I held them high and told her that. I am sure that she was smiling as she stood alongside my grandfather in heaven.

My first one I caught just off a weedbed I was slowly dragging a magic stick along the top and letting it fall. It was not the biggest fish I have caught but it was for my nanny and I can say that it really was one of the most important fish that I have caught.


Not long after that fish my husband stood down the shoreline from me throwing his BLR Bomber. For those of you who don't know this is a 10 inch senko which he likes to throw a lot. By now it is about 2 inches shorter. He was not having much luck and realizing that he forgot to put some CB sauce on it he quickly added some. I think it was the shad scent. Not long after that he had one on and fought it for some time before finally getting it to shore. He was also working the weeds. It was a new pb for him and I was very happy for him. Here are 2 of that fish.

I decide to smear my BLR Bomber with some CB's Shad Gel and get back at it. Working the same area even more, just 3 more casts was all it took before I had a fish on, WOOHOO! It pulled, I screamed "stay down" and did my best to keep this fish in the water without jumping. A new personal best for me at 6lbs 10oz and I need to thank CB for such a great product.... Matt

Last but not least one more for my nan before I had to go. The sun was almost setting now and it was time to end my day.

I know that this is not my usual report but I feel that it was one I needed to do. So for those of you that stuck with me and read this. Thank you.. Also if you remember the next time your out on the water and catch one hold it up high and say This one is for you Louise. Please.

The club http://bassbandits.com  that I belong to has put on a few tournaments this year and this lake I hadn't fished in about 5 years, so I was looking forward to fishing the old spots that I remembered but when we launched and everyone headed for their spots I changed my mind and headed for an area that had some of the cover that I thought might hold some fish at least one as that is all we could bring to the scale. At about 5:45 am. I got out my favorite lure rubbed on the "CB's Hawg Sauce" and started to cast on my 4th cast I hooked a bass but lost it. I put on some more sauce and repeated casting again with about every 15 to 20 casts I hooked another bass the first one was a 16 incher and into the live well it went, well in short order that one was culled out and a heavier one took its place and on it went, rub the sauce on cast and cull for 3 more times and at 8 am. Wham!! At first I thought it was another pickerel but when it came to the surface it was a HOG well she didn't throw the lure at me and swim away, I got it in the net this was the fish that took the tournament at 5.22 lbs. After I put the bass in the live well I continued to fish and caught a total of 15 other bass up to 17 inches.

I won't fish with out the Sauce and want to try the Soft Shell Sauce when I go to New York State and fish Seneca and Keuka Lakes near the end of this month. Great Product thanks again.

Walker Loveland, Sr.


8.8 lbs

This "lake donkey" was caught off a soft point adjacent to an entrance of a cove in 10-12 foot of water. Water temp was 56.3, slightly muddy, bright skies. I knew scent would be important this day. I had combined the Sweet and Sassy Garlic Spray and the Sweet and Sassy Crawfish Spray and soaked some 10'' Old Henry worms from Deep Creek Lures the previous night. This fish didn't let go like the first one I missed did on the same worm but not soaked in the scent, what a difference your scent makes! He held on long enough to get a good hook set. Looking forward to many more hawgs, so keep making that "stinky stuff" that works so well for me.

Many Thanks, for Everything you guys do,

Terry Smith

8.0 lb Easter Bunny Bass

Hey Crossbow,
We had occasion to meet at the Fishing Expo in Feb, 09 and you said I could send you a pic if I ever caught a slob while using your product. Well, Easter Sunday, just before the Outlaws arrived, I wanted to wet a line in the pond, so I grabbed my sons Zebco that Santa brought for Christmas and headed for the water. It had a 4" lizard Texas rigged weightless I tied on for him a few weeks ago to cast off the dock. Before I left the garage, I took the top of the CB Hawg Sauce Garlic Oil off and submerged the lizard (Hook and all) then beat feet to the shore. I walked the bank and saw a big black blob under some emergent bushes. After further review I saw the big bass and thought "wow - what a tank!" She would approach the bed with a couple of males, circle, chase some brim, and so forth for about 15 minutes before I got the nerve to pitch a weightless rig with my sons rod I don't typically use. Well, as luck would have it, the fish circled out of view just long enough to allow me to attempt a flip that resulted in success as it plopped in just beyond the bed. A little pull put it dead center and I waited. When she returned with the male they didn't know it was in there. She pulled up side by side with a little male and started listing to one side. I gave the lizard a bit of a twitch and without hesitation she reared back and just sucked it up. I attempted to set the hook about the time my heart started beating again and it was on. My son had the drag set to zero (he's 4...), so the reel screamed as the rod tip headed over my shoulder and she took off up the bank. I had no other choice but to put my finger over the hole in the reel face to apply some torque to the line while I figured out how to tighten the drag up. Once the drag was set, the aerial acrobatics ensued while my son was running up the bank with the net. After a walk about to the house, some pics and a weigh in, she was released unharmed to finish what she started. That's my testimonial, and I'm stickin to it!

Best Regards,

Robert Newman


Here is a pic of a couple of 6+ lbers that I caught Sunday July 26/09. They were released after the pictures were taken. My buddy and I managed to catch and release 12 bass, with the 2, 6 lbers being the largest and a 4 lb one the others were under the 15 inch limit. I have been using your product and tell everyone about it. It works for me.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Walker "Max" Loveland Sr.

Caught my personal best Largemouth this week. 8.66 lbs 24 1/2" inches long and 19 1/4" girth.
Caught it on a zoom worm with CB's Hawg Sauce. Garlic Flavor. Thanks CB


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