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Made in USA

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CB's Hawgsauce Interview/chat


1. What got you into the scent making business?

I have used just about every brand scent on the market to find their scent would not last very long on my baits. I wanted something that would last longer on my baits plus have a lot more smell then what everyone else had to offer.

2. With out giving away your secret recipe, what makes the Hawg Sauce so good?

CB's Hawg Sauce has twice the amount of smell then any other brand on the market but the main key in my product is taste! My product has a taste that fish love! Everyone knows a bass can tell if your bait is real or not in a split second and spit it out. With using my product once the fish has it in their mouth they think its live bait and suck it in very fast so you have to be ready to make your hookset very fast!

3. You have two different style of Hawg Sauce could you give us a quick run down on each one:

Oil base:

Oil base is used for faster presentation. It will stay on longer to give off a trail of scent when using soft plastics, spinnerbaits or crankbaits.

Water base:

Water base is for slower presentation. Carolina Rigging or Texas rigging soft plastics. Water base will disburse into water faster to leave all the scent on contact.

4. Also you have the gel and the spray could you give us a quick Idea of what type lures each works best on

Spray Type:

Sprays are used for a fast applying with out having to touch the product. Just spray and cast.

Gel Type:

Gels are mostly used for jigs, tubes, swimbaits and soft plastics. For best results you apply the gel with your fingers to smear it over the whole bait. It is messy but the results make it worth wiping your fingers off!

5. You have 4 scents available could you give us a quick idea of each situation you would want to apply these scents?

Sweet and Sassy Garlic:

Garlic is my go to scent when bass fishing. Many have found garlic works well on all baits.


Crawfish is used for jigs or creature type baits.


Shad is used for swimbaits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits or any type of fish looking lure.

Bass Honey:

Bass Honey is scent that has been landing a lot of fish. They seem to like the sweet taste of my product when nothing else is working.

6. The final question what's your secret recipe?

Well now if I told you that then I would have to kill ya afterwards...LOL I have worked many years to prefect CB's Hawg Sauce to make it the best scent you will ever find. It has been proven time and time again that my products will in fact put more fish on your hooks! Take a look at my Pro-Staff page to find some big names there. Once these top dogs used my product they were hooked. Mike "Ike" won angler of the year using my products. Juanita Roberson broke the all time weight record in the WBT using my products on Amistad in TX. Then she turned around and won 3rd place in the WBT Classic! Bottom line is if you want more fish on your hooks then give CB's Hawg Sauce a try today. Visit my website at:  for more information plus read what many anglers from all over the world have to say about my products on the testimonial page.

Thank you for a great interview. You have a top notch product that everyone should try!!
Good Luck and good fishing!!

Shallow Waters Outdoors.