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CB's Hawg Sauce Product Review from Tom Sargent @ http://www.fishbyte.net

Sauce Lovers Discovering North Carolina's CB's Hawg Sauce October, 2009

This review is only for the guys who use sauces to find the extra bite. If you don't believe all the bass sauces make any difference, this review isn't for you. But, if you've been thinking about trying one out, or already use them, you might be interested in reading on.

From the get-go, I'll be up front. I am one of the ones who had some interest in trying one out, but hadn't stepped to the counter and laid down any cash. There's a lot of reading out there about the olfactory (sniffer) sense of fish, and I had read many of them with interest. It seemed to make sense that predatory fish might use their smell skills to hunt down food. I just hadn't heard tons of guys saying they used it.

I got thinking, maybe it was the difference between two different anglers throwing much the same baits in the same locations. Fishermen keep secrets, but they also fish the same holes and throw identical, off-the-shelves lures. Sure presentation is important; it make all the difference. Covering tournaments every week I see good fishermen doing the right things, but coming up empty handed or ending up with a small catch at best. I do hear plenty of guys talking about the bass that spit out their baits. It doesn't take much of a leap to realize what we throw tastes like plastic! We need to mask that taste!

So, who uses bass sauces? I guess you could wander around a landing and sniff boats. Some of the residue has to land on a boat's carpet and it would certainly be noticeable. I guess spending a few dollars to try one would be a safer bet and probably not get those boat owners quite so upset.

I field tested a North Carolina product made by a little company in Olivia, NC that I had heard some chatter about. CB's Hawg Sauce, www.cbshawgsauce.com  , seemed to be the right candidate for some field testing. After all, wouldn't an NC company know a little more about NC bass than some outfit thousands of miles away? It was worth a shot, so I contacted the owner, “Crossbow”, and set up some product to review.

According to the owner, “There is no doubt my products will, in fact, put more fish in your boat. I worked many months, days and hours in my lab to come up with a product that is a lot stronger and will stay on longer than any other products on the market.” The package arrived just a day before I headed to the coast and the Neuse River for a few days rest. I brought it along figuring to do a test or two in salt water just for grins.

Much to my astonishment, fish had no interest in anything I threw unless I used the hawg sauce. I could throw most anything in my armory at them with not even a bump, but when the sauce was applied, I'd get interest and caught a variety of fish. That got me interested in trying it out back home on the local lakes. What I was most impressed with was the fact that the sauce stayed on the bait cast after cast. I wasn't having to reapply it after a dozen or so throws. Most sauces are gone in that amount of time.

My fishing time is few and far between with all the coverage assignments each week. I've had the chance to use the CB's Hawg Sauce on a number of occasions that ranged from just a few minutes to an hour or two at a time. First off I can tell you the catfish love it. Good golly I've caught a pile of catfish with it. Didn't take much “testing” to convince me of that. CB may call it “hawg” sauce, but it's “cat” sauce, too!

I've caught some bass when using it. The disbelievers would say I might have caught them anyway, and they might be right. I will say that on one day, after not getting a bite for the entire first hour, I began to use CB's Hawg Sauce and did catch a few after that. Again, might have been just a coincidence, and maybe not.

If those who don't believe in using sauces have read this far, I haven't convinced them to buy any brand of sauce. Hopefully, for those interested or already using, they'll consider giving CB's Hawg Sauce a try. If there's a reasonable chance something will give me an advantage over bass, I'll use it until convinced otherwise. A quick look at their web site will show you a number of tournaments won while using the product. If you can jump that one spot from just outside a paying position in a tournament to “in the money”, you've made a big step.

Visit: www.cbshawgsauce.com  and do some investigating. Send Crossbow an email from the contact link and ask him some questions. Do tell him I sent you! You'll see all his offerings for sale via his web site, but there's a good listing of dealers across North Carolina there as well. I think you'll find one of your favorite bait and tackle shops listed.

Tom Sargent
Editor & President - Fishbyte.net