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I've tried a variety of fish scent and attractants and I have to say they really improved my fishing ... this year I started to use a combination scent and dye called CB's Hawg Sauce, made by one of the members of this board (Crossbow) ... the results were incredible ... he recommends dipping the tail of your lures before hand and letting it dry but I use it by putting a splash in a bag of soft plastics as soon as I get them ... they turn the bait a bright glowing green and the scent really penetrates the plastic ... my favorite bait to use it on is Pumpkin Seed Baby Brush Hogs ... after sitting in the sauce a while they turn a slightly brighter green that the fish here really like ... works great on white too ... one of the first differences I noticed was that when a fish bites a Hawg Sauce flavored lure they fight harder to keep it ... Chester




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